Our aim:

The aim of Villa Vrede is to offer people without resident permit a place to meet, relax and develop.















Our values:

Every person is worth to be seen and to develop themselves. Each individual should have the possibility to employ their talents for the benefit of our society. We consider leaving people’s talents unutilised a waste of human capital.

Our means:

  •  A place to stay during the day; furnished spaces with cooking, washing and relaxation possibilities
  •  A place to feel welcome; our kind hosts warmly welcome each visitor
  •  A safe place during daytime; where you can be yourself, where everyone is welcome and where you don’t need to fear arrest
  •  A meeting space; where you can meet other people and get to know each other.
  •  A place for development; where you can share your talents with other visitors and get the opportunity to learn new skills.

We mediate

Villa Vrede doesn’t offer night-time shelter, however we do mediate for our visitors and provide information.

ANBI Accredited Charity

Villa Vrede is an ANBI accredited charity which means that gifts to our organisation are tax deductible.

There are new terms ANBI accredited charities that need to comply with since 1 January 2016. These include publishing of specific data and information on the website, which you will find below.

Main Aim of Villa Vrede Foundation

In our memorandum the following main aim is stated: Offering a safe daytime place for undocumented members of the Utrecht community and all that is related, is part of and/or benefits the fulfilment of this aim.

Policy document

Villa Vrede established first a three year general policy plan incl. budget. The policy plan 2017-2019 can be downloaded here in pdf.

In the policy document it is stated that Villa Vrede aspires to be a voluntary and open home where people without a residence permit can be and develop themselves. In Villa Vrede they can meet each other and instead of being dependants be active contributors. Activities are organised either by two part-time employees or in collaboration with undocumented residents that volunteer.

In the living room of Villa Vrede people without residence permits can meet friends, drink tea and coffee, use the internet or watch television, listen to music and play instruments together. In addition, there is a quiet room and a space where the daily activities are organised. During the day there will also be an opportunity to have a personal talk. Moreover, there is a big garden and through collaboration with others we can offer outdoor activities such as sports and gardening.

Villa Vrede fulfils an important role in guiding people to relevant organisations that can be of their assistance. We seek collaboration with organisations within and beyond the city of Utrecht to ensure projects are successfully executed.


Trustees works on a voluntary basis and are elected for a period of 3 years. We currently have the following trustees:

Chairman: Erwin Verboom
Treasurer: Jean-Paul Haazen
Secretary: Thieu Römgens
General governor: Marlien Ligtenberg


Villa Vrede employs one general coordinator for 28 hours a week, an assistant coordinator for 8 hours per week and since 2018 a project coordinator for 12 hours a week. For all other work and activities Villa Vrede depends on volunteers.


Villa Vrede is fully dependant on fundraising by individuals and institutions. Various funds also support us (see our home page) and in addition we collaborate with Friends of Villa Vrede that allows individuals to commit themselves to the foundation and make a certain annual contribution.

The funds of Villa Vrede are fully employed to cover the costs of staff, rent and variable expenses, including activities and other organisational expenses. At least once a year a financial report is produced and shared with the individuals and institutions that support Villa Vrede. Trustees can decide together with supporters on the amount of funds that needs to be reserved to keep Villa Vrede financially healthy.


Villa Vrede was established on 7 June 2013, after which the initiators searched for an accommodation and a coordinator. The first 6 months were fully aimed at establishing the foundation and raising funds, during which period no significant expenses were made. At least once a year (before April) a financial report is published. During the first year we produced a half-year report for everyone who supported us.


Chamber of Commerce Number 58107177
Legal Registration Number: 852877031