Villa Vrede offers the opportunity for people to meet, relax and develop. We make this possible through organising different activities. Do you want to join us?

Living room:
Our living room is open for men, women and children without a residence permit.

Together with visitors we prepare a simple lunch that we enjoy together.

Creative activities:
We regularly organise creative activities, including knitting (hats), embroidering, painting, et cetera.

Dutch classes:Activiteit-VillaVrede
Dutch language is taught to groups at different levels on Wednesday and Friday morning.
Students can also receive (additional) individual lessons if they require this.

Registration is compulsory to attend these classes.

Each week we organise cooking sessions on Thursday at 2:00 p.m., after which we eat the meals that we prepared together.

We organise various sport activities.

Information sessions:
We regularly organise information sessions about different subjects.

We have different music instruments, such as a guitar, piano and djembé. People are free to play the instruments or to attend music classes.

Braiding hair or shaving is offered in consultation and, if possible, on appointment.

Other activities and activities under development:
Our activities are continuously being further developed.
Villa Vrede has a living room where people can meet friends, drink coffee or tea, use the internet or watch television, play games, play instruments or listen to music. We continue to develop other day care activities and work on increasing the self-reliance of our visitors.